The Scarlet & Graves company was started in 2015 by Dave Crist and Tracey Elena, bringing together a visionary team who embrace the motto of being the “be the best you can be” and helping people live out their dreams.

We are bridging together our interests of pro wrestling, music, fashion, sports and other forms of entertainment, while giving the world our range of apparel influenced by alternative, tattoo culture, horror, gothic, occult, punk, urban, straight edge and more.

We are a worldwide family that embraces everyone! Thanks for the continuing love and support of our brand, artists, and athletes. Without you, there would be no “us”. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Scarlet & Graves.

Who are we:
Dave Crist: Co-owner and founder of Scarlet & Graves. Creative Director. Business Administrator. Design and Product Development. Brand Strategist. Digital Media Associate.

Tracey Elena: Co-owner and founder of Scarlet & Graves. Creative Specialist. Business Administrator. Brand Strategist. Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator. Ecommerce and Merchandise Coordinator.

Mark De Gruchy: Director, Graphic Design and Visuals

Juan Ortiz: Graphic Designer